Knowing Which CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Is Right For You

CNC Plasma Cutter

If you need to cut metal plates on an industrial scale a CNC plasma cutter may be the machine to use. Plasma cutters can slice through metal up to 6” thick and CNC control enables the cutting of complex 2D shapes. Here’s an introduction to the machines and some tips for choosing the right one.…

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Understanding the Used Equipment Appraisal Process

“Value” is hard to determine. We’ve all heard that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and that’s as true with used equipment and machinery as it is for cars or antiques. Used equipment might be valued differently depending on the buyer, equipment owner, industry, or condition. The only way to conduct machinery valuation is through…

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5 Benefits of Buying Used Manufacturing Equipment

Purchasing Used Manufacturing Equipment

New manufacturing equipment comes with all the latest bells and whistles. Those are nice to have and may even help reduce waste, raise efficiency or improve quality, but can you really afford them? Like shiny new cars, most new manufacturing equipment suffers steep depreciation in its first few years. This means the savings on a…

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Comparing CNC Routers vs CNC Mills

used CNC machines

Manufacturers are looking to CNC machines for custom-built parts with more accuracy and less error. When it comes to CNC cutting machines, CNC Mills and CNC Routers are two that come to mind. Similar, yet different. That’s the best way to summarize these two types of machine tools. They have much in common, yet their design and construction result different uses. Here we’ll compare…

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4 Types of CNC Sheet Metal Cutting Machines

Many fabrication projects and fabricated products start with sheet metal. This is cut into shapes that are formed and often welded before being coated. The most widely used industrial sheet metal cutting processes are shearing, punching, abrading, and melting. Here’s an overview of 4 types of CNC machines that do this work. CNC Punch Presses…

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