Used Press Brakes: What to Consider Before Your Purchase

Close-up shot of press brake machine

Press brakes are used throughout machine shops, precision machining and other metal fabrication & manufacturing processes. The reliability and repeatability of this machine makes them ideal when needing to bend heavier types of sheet metal due to the amount of force that it expends. You can make small components or large and long parts with…

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Used CNC Machines: What to Consider Before Your Purchase

Metal machine tools industry. CNC turning machine high-speed cutting is operation.flying sparks of metalworking

Computer numerical control (CNC) machines provide a wide variety of functions to component manufacturers and fabrication shops. These machines can offer precision cutting, drilling, milling, and grinding of metal parts by using programmable controls. This subtractive manufacturing method may create simple and complex parts for a wide range of industries. When using the term CNC…

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