Used Machine Tools Buying Guide: Make the Best Purchase

Laser cutting machine tool in use

There is a vast market for the buying and selling of used machine tools. Getting the right CNC milling machines, hand routers, welders, press brakes, and other equipment requires understanding certain factors concerning your facility’s operations, upcoming projects, and budgets. You’ll also need to evaluate dealers to ensure the machine lives up to your standards.…

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Used CNC Routers: What to Know Before You Purchase

CNC Router Cutter.

CNC routers provide metalworkers and other manufacturing facilities a versatile tool when they require drilling, carving, engraving, grooving, milling, or cutting work for materials. These types of routers contain computer numerical control (CNC) software that automates many of the metalworking machines’ processes. Before searching for a new and used machinery dealer for this machine tool,…

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