Providing reliable products to other companies and consumers requires manufacturers to have dependable machines for their production runs. From CNC lasers cutting complex metal shapes for components to forklifts used in warehousing operations, the heavy equipment has to work at optimal levels and for long durations. Unfortunately, due to this extensive use, machinery will eventually break down beyond repair. 

At Equipment Hub, we understand how it can be tough for businesses to locate the right heavy machinery to perform the job while keeping their budgets in check. Company owners are left with a tough decision on whether to purchase new heavy machinery or used equipment. You also must decide on the best ways to buy this equipment.

We’ve gathered together several aspects to take into consideration you purchase heavy equipment and where to find heavy machinery for sale.

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New & Used Heavy Machinery for Sale

Whether purchasing a single piece of standalone heavy machinery, or a piece of equipment that will be a part of a production system, you want to ensure that you’re making the smartest investment for your bottom line. In addition, you want to get the right equipment will efficiently boost productivity. So you are left with asking the important question, “Should you purchase new heavy machinery or used equipment?”

What to Consider Before You Purchase Heavy Equipment or Machinery

There are several things to take into consideration when trying to decide whether you need new or used equipment.

Are You Harvesting Parts?

You may already have a similar piece of equipment on hand yet it is missing some key components to operate. In these rare instances, you may not actually need a fully functioning piece of machinery as a replacement. Instead, you can break down the machinery and use the parts in other equipment systems. In this instance, purchasing used heavy machinery may be the more ideal option.

Is There Newer Technology Available?

Heavy machinery is typically designed to last for 10 years or more. Yet for heavy machinery manufacturers to stay competitive, they are constantly rolling out newer models with advanced technology to make the machines more efficient, last longer, and perform additional tasks. When your existing equipment finally breaks down, you may find that there is a newer model that will offer more functionality to your operations and less waste.

When Can You Get the Equipment Up and Running?

Production time frames will dictate whether to purchase new or used equipment. Certain heavy machinery manufacturers have leads times of 3 months to 6 months for final delivery. If you need the machinery immediately due to unexpected production breakdowns, you may be able to find used equipment closer to your plant location. On the other hand, your company may be introducing a new production line into operations. These operations would require new equipment to create these signature products, as you’ve accounted for the increased delivery time during the planning process.

How Much Can You Afford?

Purchase costs will always play an important factor. The fact remains that new heavy machinery will cost more upfront to obtain, yet less to maintain during the first few years. Used equipment will have lower prices based on the condition of the equipment. Yet you also have to take into consideration that the equipment might have higher upkeep costs because certain components may be worn out and need constant replacement.

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Ways to Purchase New Machinery

The easiest method is to purchase the new heavy machinery directly from a manufacturer or supplier, like us.

You’ll obtain both the equipment and warranty package. Yet you still want to perform your due diligence. Compare the manufacturers and equipment offerings, go over the warranties to get the best coverage, and read customer reviews.

Categories of New Machinery for Sale at The Equipment Hub:

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View a complete list of manufacturers that we carry here.


Ways to Purchase Used Machinery

There are many places that sell used equipment, which gives you additional options. Heavy machinery rental companies will sell off their older equipment to optimize fleet management. Companies may offer private sales during liquidation events or bankruptcy proceedings. Online and offline marketplaces, brokers, consignment shops and equipment dealers will also offer used equipment.

If purchasing from a reseller, you’ll want to be careful and check out the company. While there are reputable dealers who perform appraisals on used equipment before placing them up for sale, there will always be some people who are only interested in making a fast buck as they may offer stolen equipment or shady business practices. Buying used equipment from the Equipment Hub gives you the peace of mind knowing that your purchase is protected by the MDNA warranty

Used Machinery for Sale at The Equipment Hub

Check out our inventory us used machinery here to search by manufacturer, keyword, or model type. Get in touch with us directly to learn more about our machinery financing options.

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Machinery Auctions

Online and offline machinery auctions are another way to purchase heavy equipment. Typically, There are two types of auctions available: reserved auctions and unreserved auctions. During an unreserved auction, there is no limit to the number of bids made as the highest bid will win the heavy equipment.

For a reserved auction, there will be a hidden price placed onto the equipment. If the highest bid is below this hidden price, the seller will be given the option of whether they will accept or reject the bid.

There are several advantages to acquiring equipment through auctions. We run online auctions and liquidations on a monthly basis. To learn more about the process and how to get involved, we recommend reaching out to us directly to learn more.

Why Purchase Heavy Equipment Through Us?

Using a trusted dealer who works exclusively with purchasing new and used heavy machinery is essential to get the best deals in the fastest time possible.

As a company owner, you have a lot on your plate with keeping operations running productively as your time is precious. With Equipment Hub, it is our business to offer superior equipment solutions to companies in a range of industries. Our company can provide private purchases, consignment options, brokering services, liquidations, and auctions.

We also offer additional services such as machinery financing and equipment appraisals, as well as machinery repair and maintenance services. When it comes to getting the equipment when you need it, Equipment Hub has what you require for your operations. Contact our professionals today to discuss your options for purchasing or selling heavy equipment.

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