Used Saws

Saws are machines used to cut by moving a hard tooth-edged blade against material. As the saw exerts pressure against the workpiece the blade will move through it until the cut is complete. Saws come equipped with either use a circular saw blade or a bandsaw blade. Bandsaws can either be configured in a vertical or horizontal configuration. Circular saws are always oriented vertically. These machines can also be built with manual or automatic configurations. The Equipment Hub sells a wide variety of used saws from such manufacturers as Hyd-Mech, Doall, and Scotchman.

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    Horizontal and Vertical Band Saws

    What is a Band Saw?

    A band saw is a power tool with a continuous band saw blade and narrow blade width. Capable of making slight curves or a straight cut, it’s a great option for cutting ferrous metals and stainless steel. On a metal band, the bandsaw blade is often an inch blade, making it easier to keep cutting a straight line, but selecting the correct blade for your purpose helps ensure that you’ll get a good fit.

    A metal band saw works by cycling a band saw blade around an upper and lower wheel, passing through a tilt frame table in the middle. The cast iron wheels move the narrower saw blade through blade guides, which keep it moving smoothly through the steel frame. The cutting edge is typically on one edge of the saw band, creating a cross-section cutting action through the material being worked.

    Band saws are available in two specific types, both of which require the use of safety glasses. A wood band saw often has a blade with fewer teeth, given the easier cutting process of wood. A metal band saw typically has a blade with more teeth and may operate at a higher speed to facilitate the cutting action. Both create a smoother cut than a power hacksaw while avoiding issues of cutting with a thick blade as may be found in other tools.

    What Kind of Features Should I Look for in a Band Saw?

    In general, you’ll want to find a band saw that has several features to meet your needs:

    • Blade tension adjustment allows you to use a range of blades or even look at repurposing broken blades after repair by a blade welder.
    • A portable or stationary band depends on your needs, with the stationary band delivering more stability, while a compact bandsaw allows you better portability.
    • Adjustable blade speed should be considered if you’re working with a range of materials, including ferrous metals and stainless steel.
    • The HP motor capability in your electric motor will determine how much power you can bring to bear on your materials.
    • Vertical miter capability makes it easier for you to cut fine angles into your pieces, providing more quality and better finishing appearance.

    Horizontal Band Saws

    Horizontal band machines provide better accuracy and squareness in general. With a higher cutting rate, capacity, and saw band lifespan, horizontal band saws are better with harder metals, such as stainless steel. Your purpose should guide your decision.

    Dual Column Horizontal Band Saws

    Dual column band saws have two large columns for both sides of the work and are used for their high precision. These saws tend to produce better cuts at a faster rate, increasing productivity and therefore, pricing higher. Dual column saws are better for more demanding production lines with larger materials.

    Vertical Band Saws

    Vertical bands are great options for a small to medium shop because of their reduced footprint. They are also able to deliver better precision, flexibility, and curve cutting, in addition to working well with softer materials, such as ferrous metals.

    Thinking about buying a band saw? Why not take a few minutes to look through the variety of options available on our website. By purchasing used, you can get better equipment with more features than buying new.

    Other Saw Categories

    Circular Cold Saws

    Designed to cut metals, a cold saw uses high-speed steel carbide or cermet-tipped, circular saw blades. The heat generated from these saws is transferred to the chips that are then ejected by the rotating blade. The whole process keeps the blade and the material cold, hence the name “cold saw”. These saws can be used for cutting ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

    Miter Saws

    A miter saw is a stationary cutting tool that brings the blade down in a chopping motion. These machines are used to make precise, angular cuts between 90 and 40 degrees. There are many different models of miter saws out there.

    Manual, Semiautomatic, and Automatic Saws

    Our saws can range from manual to automatic operation. Manual band saws require an operator to lift the head after each cut. Semiautomatic saws fall in the middle of this range, with a hydraulic piston that is used to raise and lower the saw head. An operator pushes a button to raise the head, clamps the material into the vise, and pushes start. The majority of our inventory contains fully automatic saws. Automatic saws are computer-controlled, advance the material, and ultimately, replace the need for an operator.

    Explore The Equipment Hub’s used saw inventory today. With a wide variety of saw categories, you can find a saw to fit your specific industry needs.