Used CNC Waterjets

CNC waterjets or CNC waterjet cutters offer better versatility in CNC cutting compared to other fabrication cutting machines. Unlike a CNC laser, plasma, or punch which typically cuts solid sheet metal, a waterjet has the ability to cut any type of material in any shape. CNC waterjets work by utilizing a high-pressure intensifier pump to generate a powerful jet stream. This jet stream has the ability to accurately cut through any material without creating heat distortions or slag. We sell a wide variety of used CNC waterjets from such companies as Omax, Flow, and Mitsubishi.

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    What is a CNC Waterjet?

    In the simplest of terms, a CNC waterjet utilizes a high-pressure intensifier pump capable of producing a high-pressure jet stream of water to provide a versatile cutting tool solution within many manufacturing and industrial repair sectors. For softer materials such as plastics, woods, composites, or rubbers, waterjet technology allows for precise cutting of complex shapes without destructively high temperatures or the need for conductivity. Waterjet machines are not solely limited to soft materials, however. With the introduction of abrasive substance into the high-pressure pump of water, abrasive waterjets have the capability of cutting a variety of hard materials. These materials include but are not limited to steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, and cast iron. As previously mentioned, due to the utilization of high-pressure water and media within a CNC waterjet machine, one can produce highly accurate parts without heat distortion or excessive slag caused by most conventional plate cutting solutions such as plasma cutting or laser cutting. If versatility is what a particular manufacturing outfit seeks, a waterjet is the ideal cutting solution for a variety of materials and applications.

    How Does a Waterjet Work?

    If we delve slightly deeper into the inner workings of a CNC waterjet, we will find these machines employ a variety of systems working together simultaneously to create a highly accurate and versatile cutting process. The first major component and the heart of any waterjet is the high-pressure intensifier pump. These pumps are capable of amplifying standard incoming water pressures of around 40-60 PSI up to and in some cases, in excessive of, 60,000 PSI. This high-pressure jet stream of water is then sent via flexible stainless steel tubing to our next major component, the cutting head. It is at this point, within the cutting head, where abrasive media can be introduced, and the water stream focused to create a high-pressure jet capable of cutting. Our last major component is the waterbed and attached CNC controlled gantry. This component is considered to be the main structure of the waterjet system as it is where your material to be cut is fixtured while a CNC controlled gantry manipulates the cutting head above to direct the high pressure water-jet stream. Through the utilization of all its sub-components, a CNC waterjet cutter is capable of turning everyday water into a powerful and accurate cutting force.

    Benefits of Buying a Used CNC Waterjet from The Equipment Hub

    If you’re considering a CNC waterjet or other CNC machines, you may experience initial sticker shock, especially if it is not a permanent or highly utilized aspect of your shop. However, even if it is utilized on an everyday basis, purchasing a CNC waterjet that is able to meet the demands of your business may seem out of reach when you first start shopping for new equipment. Therefore, buying a used CNC waterjet is the best way to proceed if you are seeking a fully operational machine at an affordable price. The Equipment Hub offers many solutions and works diligently to make it easy for companies to find their specific needs. Browse our available equipment online or contact us today.