There is a vast market for the buying and selling of used machine tools. Getting the right CNC milling machines, hand routers, welders, press brakes, and other equipment requires understanding certain factors concerning your facility’s operations, upcoming projects, and budgets. You’ll also need to evaluate dealers to ensure the machine lives up to your standards. Use this simple guide to help you when purchasing used machine tools.

Used Machine Purchase Guide

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What Machine Tool is Required?

A common mistake in purchasing a machine tool is not knowing what is exactly needed. Some equipment can perform multiple jobs and functions. A CNC machining center can perform lathe, milling, boring, tapping and other functions all on one programmable system. Other equipment, such as a plasma cutter, performs a single function on specific metal materials. 

A customer may purchase a piece of used equipment without realizing that they already have a machine on hand which can perform the work, or the used equipment may not be suitable for the particular project. Decide on what machine is required for the job and evaluate whether you have a piece of equipment already available that can perform the work.

Who Offers the Specific Machine?

Not all dealers over the same tools for sale. Some concentrate their inventory on specific equipment models because they want to be industry leaders in that specific niche. Other dealers sell equipment based on industry, such as medical device manufacturing or mining machine manufacturing. 

Evaluate dealers, private sellers, and distributors to understand the machine tools they offer, their location, and machine specifications. Then you’ll be able to narrow down your choices to the most reputable and trusted dealers.

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Request a Tool Inspection

If the dealer is close to your proximity, always go out to evaluate the machine tool personally. You may also decide to bring a machine operator or maintenance worker along who is knowledgeable about the operations of the machine. You want to perform a visual inspection of all working parts to look for signs of excessive wear-and-tear as well as any failing components. 

While wear-and-tear on a component is expected on used machines and may not be a dealbreaker, you need to have a clear understanding on whether the sales price on the cutting tools reflects the age and condition of the machines so you are paying a fair amount.

Ask for a Service Record

A service record for the machine can tell you a lot about who well it was maintained and serviced. This service record or maintenance log can inform you about any internal components that have experienced failure or have been replaced. The records may also shed light on how often certain components have been serviced so you understand what types of maintenance and repairs that the used machine tool will require in the future if you decide to purchase it.

Obtain Tool Appraisal Report

A unique option for sellers is that they can obtain a tool appraisal report. A reputable used machinery dealer will have AME-certified equipment appraisers who inspect machines to ensure the fair market value and all other information is gathered about the equipment. Then the seller can provide these details on request when receiving a quote.

Used Machine Tools at Equipment Hub

Buying used machine tools and equipment for your company’s operations usually occurs at specific timeframes. For smaller companies or new facilities, you may purchase used machines when experiencing tight budgets to get production lines moving up to full capacity. Other times, machine shops purchase equipment when expanding their service offerings to customers or when obtaining a special project request.

Here at Equipment Hub, we make it easy to purchase the right used equipment whenever you require it for operations. Every machine we offer is backed by a 30-day warranty as well also offer maintenance and repair services. Contact us today to learn about our vast used machine tool inventory.

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