Tips for Buying Metalworking Equipment

When searching for metalworking machines at a new and used machinery dealer, there are several things that you should check out before placing your money on the table. Here are eight tips to use to ensure that you are buying the right used metalworking equipment for your company.

CNC metalworking equipment in use

Find Out Why the Machine is Being Sold

Learning this answer will provide you with a lot of information from the start of the buying process. You may learn that the seller only needed the machine for one specific process, or they had another machine that could do the same job. These answers can tell you that the machine was hardly put into use, so it still should be in workable or good condition.

By asking these types of questions, you can listen to key details that may tip your hand on whether it is a great CNC machine to buy, or if you should walk away from the deal.

Learn the Age of the Equipment

It is true that metalworking machines can last for decades. Yet you still want to find out the age of the equipment because this information will tell you whether the machine is still under warranty. Also, you can find out whether the manufacturer still supplies parts for this equipment, or will it become a treasure hunt where you will have to salvage scrap machines for parts.

Another key factor about finding out the age of the equipment is that you want to make sure you are working with a reputable seller. If the seller has priced the machine close to the sales prices for new machines, then the machine should barely have any years to it. If on inspection you see excessive wear-and-tear, it could be an indication that the machine is older than the seller indicates.

Metalworking CNC milling machine. Cutting metal modern processing technology.

Check Out the Condition of the Machine

Avoid buyer’s regret by purchasing a machine outright without performing the proper inspection. By researching the details of the used metalworking machinery, you can figure out if the machine can perform the required work in the present condition that it is in, or if maintenance will need to be done. You will be able to compare information the seller presented about the machine to what the actual condition is, as you will know whether you are working with a reputable dealer.

Ask for Service and Hours of Operation Records

Based on the age of the machine, there should be service records regarding how often maintenance was performed to keep it in working order. The company offering the machine should provide details about when the machine was serviced, how long each service was, and any repair issues that were remediated.

You should also ask if the hours of operation records are handy. With these two records on hand, you will know whether the amount of maintenance was sufficient based on how often the used metalworking equipment was put into use.

In addition, the records will also indicate if there are any specific problems with the machine that needed constant repairs. These issues in and of themselves may not be deal breakers. The records will just let you know to keep an extra eye for this common issue that may cause problems in the future and how the machine is operated on your shop floor.

Make sure to have a maintenance worker with you to perform the inspection. They will be able to tell you if there are any excessive repairs to certain parts and inform you on the quality of the repairs during on the physical inspection.

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What Types of Work Did the Machine Perform?

CNC and milling machines can be used to cut a range of different materials such as soft copper alloys to harder cast iron metals. If the machine was used to cut a specific metal based on the seller’s operations, this information can provide key details on the types of wear-and-tear the machine has experienced.

You should also learn how the company prepared the machine to cut through more difficult materials. If they did not do any preparation, such as using cutting fluid on the tooling, it could be an indication that some of the inner workings and components could have experienced greater wear than normal.

Check for Upgrades or Refurbishments

The seller may have upgraded or refurbished certain aspects of the machine tool> you should learn about any types of upgrades that were done and how these upgrades may be of benefit to your own operations. Often, sellers will try to increase the price of the used metalworking equipment due to the upgrade.

You want to ensure that the price increase accurately reflects the refurbishment without being significantly inflated. Also, you can learn whether you are working with a reputable seller based on whether they claim that there were refurbishments made to the machine, which justifies for the higher price, only for you to discover that there were no such modifications made.

Ask About Warranties

A new and used machinery dealer understands that there may be an issue with a used metalworking machine that is beyond anyone’s control. In these instances, they may offer a warranty for the machine. The type of warranty offered can vary based on the types and ages of the machines that are offered, as well as the present condition of the machine.

Some dealers may offer a basic 30-day warranty for parts and labor. Other companies may provide a 1-year warranty. There will also be dealers who offer ongoing repair and maintenance support over a period of time. Sellers and dealers offer different warranties, as you will want to go over their warranty terms and conditions.

Learn About Additional Fees

While you may be able to get the used machine tool faster because the dealer is close to your location, you may have to arrange for shipping it to your shop floor. Additional fees can be tacked on at any time and apply to either the buyer, seller, or both.

Find out what type of fee structure is set up and whether you will have to be responsible for all payments. Then factor those fees into the final costs to determine if the machine really fits into your budget.

Make Your Next Purchase at Equipment Hub

Purchasing used metalworking equipment should never be a hassle. You should get all the required information and fees up front, so you feel comfortable about making a purchase. Here at Equipment Hub, we offer new and used machinery for industrial purchases.

Every machine we offer comes with a 30-day MDNA backed warranty as well as maintenance and repair services. Learn more about our wide selection of metalworking machines by contacting our company today.

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