Industrial manufacturing processes require any number of materials and components to be cut to precision specifications. This means that you’ll need a clear idea of the total scope of work and the types of materials in play in order to know which types of saw machines you’ll need to deploy so that you don’t end up damaging the equipment in which you’ve invested a significant amount of capital. Today, we’ll be discussing the different types of industrial saw machines and their uses, followed by a deeper dive on the saw machines made by Cosen and Scotchman available through Equipment Hub’s marketplace.

Versatile Blades, Branded Solutions: Saw Machines & Brands We Carry

Industrial machinery lines are built around the premise of deploying the right tools for the job at hand. When it comes to saw machines, there are several varieties that allow for a variety of cutting jobs to be completed. The Equipment Hub partners with industry-leading brands in order to provide our clients with access to the best equipment solutions for their manufacturing needs. For clients seeking to purchase industrial saw equipment, our website features solutions manufactured by the industry-leading brands, Cosen and Scotchman. Let’s explore the industrial saw platforms on offer for each of these brands.

Cosen Saws

With a reputation for striving for excellence and being faithful in integrity spanning four decades, it should be little surprise that the Equipment Hub features Cosen’s product line on our website. A leading manufacturer of band saws, Cosen is an international brand with 140 models of saws in active use across multiple industries ranging from construction and wind energy to automobile and transportation.

To meet the wide range of applications demanded by Cosen’s clients across multiple industries, their line of 140 models fall into branded series of vertical and horizontal saws with and without miter-cutting functionality. Their AH and SNC series of machines rank amongst their best-selling units, and are organized around five specific use applications:

  • Steel Cutting functionality is crucial for Cosen’s clients in the stainless steel and steel tool markets, as well as mold fabricators and forgers for small mechanical workshops, where high-speed cutting functionality is necessary.
  • Structural Steel Cutting machines provide construction companies with manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic solutions that allow owners to set miter angles, cut lengths, and work volumes for large-scale projects requiring H- and I-beams as well as flexible channel and angle cuts.
  • Aerospace applications require high-speed FRP cutting functionality Cosen’s machines can achieve with both precision and speed, which are necessary to work effectively with titanium and superalloys used in aircraft interior fittings.
  • Automobile Manufacturing calls for cutting equipment that can stand up to mass production requirements to cut bearing steel, wheel hubs, and other parts for multiple car manufacturers.
  • Customized Solutions fill in gaps in existing solutions Cosan has on the marketplace, and are necessary when clients have such a wide range of requirements.

Cosan’s various smart numerical control (SNC) models have gained traction with clients across all of these categories, as the highly customizable units’ control systems provide large-scale manufacturing operations with automation solutions. Cosen’s SNC programmable solutions can hold between 20 and 99 preset jobs in memory, increasing the speed at which a production line can swap between different jobs requiring varying cut lengths and different volumes of work.

Scotchman Saws

The Scotchman brand got its start manufacturing ironworkers in the 1960s. Through distribution agreements and outright purchases of several other companies, Scotchman branched out to start manufacturing and distributing several other lines of industrial machines throughout the 1970s and 1980s. A distribution agreement from this time period with BEWO of Holland, makers of a line of circular cold saws, resulted in Scotchman buying out BEWO and folding the line of cold saws under the Scotchman flag.

In 2013, Scotchman expanded its saw product line to include utility band saws and added non-ferrous upcut models to their cold saw line, both sourced from Spain. The expansion of their cold saw and band saw product lines have contributed to Scotchman becoming an international leader in the industrial machine space, known for producing high quality and highly durable products.

Scotchman is now considered a specialist in the circular cold saw product market. These saws, which excel at cutting ferrous and non-ferrous materials, offer a unique approach to cutting by turning the blade at low RPM akin to a milling machine. This slow cut results in a fast and precise cut that doesn’t produce heat or sparks. Scotchman’s cold saws come in four categories:

  • Manual and Semi-Auto Steel Saws can be paired with the company’s proprietary advanced feed system to create truly autonomous systems.
  • Non-Ferrous Saws provide platforms capable of clean cuts when working with aluminum without the worry of heat, sparks, or burring; these systems can be operated manually or at several levels of automation.
  • Automatic Saw Systems come in three lines of products, each with a range of feed options and specialized to handle either ferrous steel cutting jobs or non-ferrous jobs.
  • Non-Ferrous Upcut Saws accommodate large-scale, large capacity non-ferrous cutting jobs of varying sizes.

For larger materials, Scotchman’s single utility bandsaw model provides users with a versatile platform that is easy to use and combines the cutting power of a traditional band saw with the flexibility and speed of a cold saw.

Choose from the Best Saw Machines in the Business

As the manufacturing world evolves, industrial machine manufacturers will have to continue to produce innovative solutions in order to meet the growing demand for saw machines capable of operating on a range of materials and at various levels of automation. As a dealer in used and new machinery, the Equipment Hub strives to offer our clients access to only the best equipment on the market, and when it comes to saw machines, Cosen and Scotchman rank amongst the best in the world. If you’re in the market for a saw machine or any other piece of industrial machinery, our experts can help you identify the best solution for your manufacturing needs.

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