Purchasing used machine tools may provide you with great benefits. You may find machines at lower rates yet fit perfectly within your operations. At the same time, you want to avoid purchasing the wrong equipment at an inappropriate price. You may end up placing the unnecessary machine into storage while reevaluating your lower budget so you can buy the right machine.

There are numerous ways to purchase used machines. Let’s highlight the various factors in finding a reputable dealer, what to consider when making a purchase, and how to avoid costly mistakes.

Purchasing Used Equipment: What to Know

Before beginning your equipment search, there are several factors that should be addressed to make sure you are taking the right purchasing path.

Know What You Want

It’s not only important to understand what specific machine that you want, but also what features are desired. For example, you may want to get the very basic grinding machines for sale without any added frills. This reason is due to already having additional machines that can perform other tasks. Other times, you may want a metalworking equipment that can drill, mill, cut and grind all on one machine.

Know the Market Value

Many aspects come into play for used machine prices: condition, age, insurance, maintenance, and even shipping fees. If you are buying large equipment like a multi spindle drilling machine or a smaller machine like a press brake, you’ll want to track market value prices for the make, model, age, and condition of similar machines for a few months. This practice gives you an edge when the time comes to purchase the machine for sale, especially if you are buying it at an auction, as you won’t pay more than what the machine is worth.

Know Where to Purchase Used Equipment

There are numerous places to purchase equipment. You may go directly with the seller, purchase it on marketplace platforms, make bids at auctions, or visit liquidation sales at factories. You want to expand your search to target the most reputable new and used machinery dealers to ensure that the equipment you purchase is the best deal possible. Look for dealers who offer the best value and product variety so you can compare makes and models. You may also want to go with a dealer that provides warranties for your equipment in case a problem arises. 

Know the Equipment Details

if you do find that piece of used equipment that will fit perfectly in your operations, learn everything that you can about its age, condition, and maintenance/repairs. Check for any issues that would need repair right away and problems that could be an unnecessary headache in the future. Also, find out what projects that the machine was used on. These projects can be indicators of how worn the inner components and mechanisms are, as you can review maintenance records of how often the equipment was serviced.

Know Your Breaking Point

Draw a line in the sand on what equipment repairs, prices, and even features that will deal breaker for you. You may see the perfect machine, but the age and amount of corrosion might indicate that there will be mechanical or electrical malfunctions which would make the repairs cost more than the machine is worth. As for features, it is easy to get caught up in wanting a used machine that can do practically anything and everything as the costs continually rise. Yet there is no point in buying a used machine that has similar features to a machine that you already have or is outside your price range, especially if it is one that won’t be placed into heavy use.

Equipment Hub for Used Machinery for Sale

At Equipment Hub, we offer new and used machinery for a variety of industries and projects. We offer the best value for machining equipment, fabricating machines, and other accessories. In addition, we also handle auctions and liquidations on a monthly basis. Every piece of equipment comes with a 30-day warranty as we offer equipment from over150+ brands. Reach out to our company if you are a buyer or seller of used or new equipment.

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