Bending machines are a specialized class of industrial-level automated machine tools built for shaping base metal in a solid-drawn way without the use of welding works and with repeatable accuracy. Used in the manufacturing of products made from metals of all types, they can be used for both hot and cold bending. 

These bending tools are considered vital to modern metalworking, and play a vital role in the automotive, industrial manufacturing, and power sectors. Throughout all of the various utilizations, different types of bending technologies are required as each type of metal has different mechanical properties. In this post, we’re going to explore the different types of bending machines, as well as provide more information on the four bending machine manufacturers featured on The Equipment Hub’s marketplace.

Types of Bending Machines

Bending itself is a general manufacturing process that encompasses a number of techniques designed to manipulate different types of metal. At the most basic level, there are three primary types of bending performed by machines.

  •     Air bending utilizes a punch and die arrangement, where the punch pushes the material down against the die in order to create the bend. While it is a less precise method, it has the advantage of being useful with various materials as well as flexibility in the placement of the die and punch in order to allow more versatility with fewer tool changes and thus increased productivity.
  •     The bottoming method cannot create U-shaped openings but allows for smaller radii and increased force over air bending with increased accuracy. However, the flexibility of angles it can create relies upon more tool changes, making it a less popular method.
  •     Coining utilizes a much stronger force than air bending, resulting in permanent deformation and little spring back with very high levels of precision. This makes the process cost-prohibitive and less popular than other methods.

There are a number of other bending methods that have evolved over time, including three-point bending, folding, wiping, rotary bending, roll bending, and joggling.

Common Types of Bending Equipment 

In order to accomplish these types of bending processes, the INNOPROM International Metalworking Exhibition defines 8 types of bending equipment popular on the market today.

  1. Sheet bending presses, automatic and mechanical
  2. Multi-functional equipment for laser-cutting, forming and bending
  3. Rotary (rolling press) sheet bending machines
  4. Hydraulic/electromechanical folder machines
  5. Hydraulic/electromechanical profile bending machines
  6. Pneumatic bending equipment
  7. Pipe or tube benders
  8. Machines for bending wire and fittings

These machines can be used in the production of other machinery, aircraft and ship construction, construction materials, pipe construction, architectural applications as well as in the production of furniture and other interior elements, and in the manufacture of signage support structures for use along highways and roadways.

Bending Machines We Sell

As an internationally recognized full-service machinery dealer, The Equipment Hub maintains a strong portfolio of bending machines in order to meet the demand for machines that perform one of the most important functions in modern manufacturing. Let’s take a closer look at the four vendors in our portfolio who offer bending machines and the types of bending work each can perform.

Press Brake Knowledge


Bystronic is a global leader in automated, high-end sheet metal processing solutions. Known for their service and passion for the industry, their bending machinery is highly sought after. Focused on sheet metal processing, we carry Bystronic’s CNC Press Break bending systems, including the standard model as well as the Xact Smart, the Xpert, the Xpert Pro, and the Xpert 40 + Xpert 80 models. Find more information about Bystronic in our catalog.


A major player in the bending machine manufacturing game for over 25 years, Switzerland-based PBT is a world leader in precision profile bending machines. PBT’s machines are used across a number of industries, given their ability to work with complex aluminum profiles. They’re well-known in the architectural and automotive manufacturing fields and are also utilized heavily by trade show exhibitors, transportation system materials manufacturers, and solar collection device fabricators. You can see the company’s various machines here, and if you’re in the market for a PBT device, request more information from The Equipment Hub directly through this form.


The Carell Corporation has partnered with Eagle Bending Machines to provide a specialized high-quality line of roll bender products. With over 60 models available and over 7500 units in use in the field, Alabama-based Eagle Bending Machines has been building and selling specialized manufacturing tools for over 26 years. Eagle’s machines are well known for their customizability, versatility, and ability to perform under high volume conditions. Units range from small and affordable units to heavy-duty units and are considered across the industry to have the broadest selection of options and tooling configurations available. You can request more information about Carell’s line of Eagle Bending Machines here.


Specializing in tube bending, ITEC has been an industry leader for over 30 years and has built for itself a strong reputation around the high levels of service and support it provides to clients post-sale. They take a flexible approach to standard equipment, ensuring that their machines are designed to fit client specifications relative to production capacity versus budget requirements. Their bending machines come in a range of models in three categories – single head hybrid, single-head all-electric, and twin-head. If you’re looking to purchase an ITEC tube bending machine, submit a query to our team here.  

Bending Machines and Beyond

With technology improvements allow bending machine accuracy and output capacity to evolve and improve, bending machines continue to play an increasingly vital role in a number of industrial manufacturing settings. From our Georgia-based facilities, The Equipment Hub will continue to feature bending machines and other major industrial and manufacturing equipment on our online marketplace. If you’re in the market for a specific piece of equipment and can’t find it in our catalog, we invite you to contact our team of professionals, who are always ready to help you explore your equipment needs.  

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